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I have 3 extra Sailor Moon stickers to give out. Would anyone want one? First 3 reblogs get a sticker! (^◇^)☆

Sailor Moon!


If you don’t think the American dub of Sailor moon is a masterpiece then you aren’t no friend of mine

Seeing as how it was a Canadian dub of Sailor Moon I guess no one is your friend. 

Mayor Dea- took my time with this one, here is my mayor’s new look
deusmarionette: What does your animal crossing character look like? I'd love to see how they look in your style.


It was a very quick sketch, but this is what I look like!  ovo;
Nothing too fancy, but the star hair clip is definitely my favorite thing ever

What a cutie pie!

A new spring look for my Mayor 
Life in Overhill turned 2 today!
Digby is adorable 
I love when he wears his yellow rain coat 
A wallpaper I’ve been working on. I plan on adding a lot more characters to this, especially the police…I love Copper and Booker. 
I love Redd, he is adorable, his music is amazing and he’s my Cuz. 
The outfit my mayor wore during the holidays